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This is another one I keep coming back to. The title and the sound says it all. You already know the others I'm a fan of, this is another to add to my list. It's slow, deliberate--yet catchy; like waking in to a trap that you know is there and do it anyway, which I feel defines where I'm at in life right now. Two weeks ago I walked in to such a trap and have yet to figure a way out, but I'm confident I will.

S-Rock responds:

:O Sorry to hear about that snare bro. Those snares are always in the most appealing areas :|
Like a bear trap under a pile of Legos lol

I gotta admit this is the one that has stuck to me the last week. A female broke my heart and I write to this just to try to keep my head clear, left it on loop more then a few times. Written many good bars to it, just nothing coherent enough to record to as of yet. I don't know what all the instruments are exactly called, but the piano and strings are so on point for how I've been feeling. And you're a boss at bass, hits my ears perfectly on my razer headset, home theater, car, and my dash pro earbuds :)

KleptoidKat just needs better speakers, and Stone-Killa is only half correct. There is still plenty of good audio on NG to fill any niche :)

S-Rock responds:

^^ Thanks, having some good speakers helps every song :) I try to inspire conclusion, and glad you're finding the path it takes!

"There are no negro problems, or Polish problems, or Jewish problems, or Greek problems, or women's problems, there are HUMAN PROBLEMS". - Jacque Fresco

S-Rock responds:


This is beautiful, thank you for this. I had no idea you did these types of tracks as well, but it's been awhile since I checked your page last, so I got some catching up to do! Definitely my top 5 artists on here. The beats "menthol" and "plucery" have helped me get through some pretty hard times lately, though I've yet to write anything concrete to the instrumentals themselves. Your music is so good it needs no lyrics, and that's a very rare thing to find on newgrounds.

S-Rock responds:

Thanks! That's rare indeed. try to inspire conclusion and I try to speak musical notes through my heart and soul, no homo. But it takes the listener to break it all down, so thank you!

Tuplets are cancer, plus content is garbage

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Agreed on that second bit.

Pretty good for an experiment, I feel like the ambiance is a bit too loud for my taste but I really like it.

I'm a verse and a half in on a doomsday rap to this beat, I really love it

I'm sorry but I just can't stop lmfao at this title! Good beat!

wandschrank responds:


I agree with noncompos, a bit of scratching would make this pretty sick. Just a touch here and there, wouldn't want to overdo it of course.

Waidmann responds:

I didn't have time for scratches, I might upload another version so..

Agreed with eqftc, this is really great :)

S-Rock responds:

tyvm :) Glad you like it!

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