Looking for assistance

2014-03-12 20:40:10 by Achilleuss

If you can help me at all with my recordings to make them sound cleaner, I would definitely appreciate it.  I live in a small efficiency apartment(hence the bad echo) and don't make enough money to pay for legit studio time, but I do have legit equipment.  I run off a Macbook and a Behringer C-3 mic with a Xenyx302 USB mixer board using Logic Pro.  Since they updated Logic, all my settings are gone and all the buttons moved around, I don't even know where the autopunch button is anymore!  I have not been too happy with Apple lately but it's the only software I can reasonably understand that can put out relatively high quality.  GarageBand just doesn't cut it with the junky compressor it has.

So give my latest track a listen and if you have any advice please send me a private message.  I can't make an album until I can get my production under control and sounding reasonably well and undistorted.

I have a very relevant real-world message that has to be sent with my music, and I need help to accomplish this goal.

Thank you for stopping by.


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