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Posted by Achilleuss - January 28th, 2012

Hi all! I didn't want to change my first post because it's from 2007 and was so funny, still makes me laugh. But I figured it's beyond time for an update.

As you can see from my uploads, I've been making raps. As you can also see...I've stopped uploading. My macbook air died(RIP MACBOOK!) and Apple wants $1350 to repair a $1000 computer that I bought brand new less then a year before it died. It was even under warranty! And this is coming from a corporation that has $100 billion in cash just laying around that they aren't doing anything with(more then what the US Treasury has) and they won't even bring it back to the states....guess why? They'd have to pay a 35% corporate tax on it, while we got this Romney guy paying what 13%? Meanwhile the rest of us peasants pay 40% or more and get v& if we don't pay it. Anyway....never buying another Apple.

tl;dr for above: No viable computer to make more music.

That doesn't stop me from writing more tracks though. As of today, I have 3 completed tracks written to beats by T-Free(one of the best artists on NG) and more that are unfinished, but without a microphone or viable computer to edit them on, I'm pretty much stuck for now. So unless I get a lucky donation(doubtful and not requesting them) I have to wait till I build my new computer or can use a friend's computer. If anybody in Oklahoma has a studio-ish setup that I can use, shoot me a message and maybe we can work something out.

I don't think I'll be making any more flash videos. The two I made and the others I didn't finish were really just experiments to learn the software and while fun, it ended up being more of a pain in the ass then it was worth. That, and I would have had to start drawing on a pad to really do what I wanted to and those aren't cheap. I've been writing lyrics for quite a while though, 10+ years. So I'm gonna do what I'm good at, know what I mean? Which is writing. I'm still learning the nuances of rapping my stuff but I expect that with the more experience I have, the current 184 subscribers I have on YouTube will be dwarfed more and more.

Thanks for stopping by my page, and enjoy the content I have to offer.


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