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Stupid subject line...

Posted by Achilleuss - September 14th, 2007

My own page at Newgrounds! This is pretty sweet, I can't wait to get some good flashes up! :D This last one I submitted didn't take me too long to do, it was just something I thought would be pretty funny. I made it to mock the people at my gaming syndicate that keep telling me that OS X and Apple suck and that Apple is the worst company in the world--bleh, I'm not even gonna get started.

I don'tknow what else to post, it keeps telling me my message is too short rofl. Maybe now it'll accept it. ARGH!! wtf am I supposed to put here...rofl.

Well I got an IT company. I'm working on a pretty sweet project with some HEAVY ajax usage, once it's at least in the RC phase I'll probably go more in to detail. It'll retail at about $150 each. That is, IF I can get it done and stay off newgrounds enough to work on it! xD

Still too short. Hmmm.

I'm sitting at a Denney's right now about to go home as soon as I can get enough typed so I can get my page looking a little nicer.

Bleh! Still didn't work. Anybody seen that movie Crank? It's pretty sweet, I saw it last night. I saw part of it when I was in harrisburg, but I got interrupted and didn't get to finish it. :(

I'm seriously starting to think something is wrong with this message length script. Maybe it's because I'm using Minefield.

*smacks self in face*

I must be dyslexic or something. It was the stupid subject line. /doh

Comments (5)

You have no idea how much I laughed at that. Kudos to you for not deleting the extraneous typing.


That's why I left them there, a little comedic relief. It's real too which makes it even better! xD

i dont know what to say i just feel like leaveing a comment

Dude.... You ROCK!!!
Because of the Mac shizz XP

Thanks, but I just use what's best. I would never buy a desktop from Apple, I'll tell you that, but I'm sitting in front of a brand new aluminum macbook pro.

Please check my spelling. I am good at spelling but I get a few words wrong. i know about computers :) btw I have an xbox 360. Gamertag is "dargereldren" (I might change it. If I do, I'll tell you if you don't add me. I have a silver membership)

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